Coaching & training

Hydrogen, CCUS and decarbonisation training topics ...

  • Waste to hydrogen
  • Blue energy islands
  • Biomass to hydrogen
  • Hydrogen safety essentials
  • Hydrogen safety masterclass
  • Technologies for green ammonia
  • Shipping hydrogen and derivatives
  • Pathways for low-carbon hydrogen
  • Technologies for turquoise hydrogen
  • On-purpose blue hydrogen production
  • Hydrogen transmission in gas pipelines
  • Hydrogen refuelling station technologies
  • Technologies for power to liquids and e-fuels
  • High-capacity underground hydrogen storage
  • CCTUS: CO2 capture, transportation, and storage
  • Emerging and challenger electrolyser technologies
  • Electrolysis technologies for green hydrogen projects
  • Hydrogen and derivatives as heavy-duty transportation fuels
  • Feedstocks and utilities for electrolysis: water, nitrogen, and lyee



Typical hydrogen, CCUS and decarbonisation coaching topics ...

  • Career pivot towards decarbonisation and the hydrogen economy
  • Monetisation and commercialisation of technological innovations
  • Exploring and developing strategic options for decarbonisation
  • Finding investors or funding to maintain growth momentum
  • Scaling up hydrogen production technologies
  • Project review and implementation
  • Hydrogen and CCUS deployment


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