Writing, editorial and PR services

In the past decade, I have written more than 50 published journal articles. Topics have ranged from Additive Manufacturing to Green technology. In addition to writing, I can arrange for image selection. In some cases, I would have the appropriate network to take on a full PR and media relations service for your organisation and secure placement and distribution for your news and feature articles in journals that are relevant to the industry sectors in which you operate, and wish to penetrate further.


Business English
You would be learning with somebody who is a native English speaker and has spent more than three decades of studying and
working in English from the factory floor and call centre to the executive board room. For many years, I have worked internationally and learned to speak with the appropriate pace, vocabulary and clarity to make myself understood worldwide. Of course, a healthy portion of body language also helps!


For executives and leaders from German companies expanding to overseas markets where English is either the first language, or the common language of choice, it is essential to master business English and feel confident doing so. And, there is a trend for more companies operating here in Germany to choose English as their business language. The drivers are often to become a more attractive company to recruit top international talent, or to make themselves more accessible to international customers, investors and stakeholders.


Business English language training examples...

  • Typical vocabulary
  • Common acronyms
  • Telephone essentials
  • Financial terminology
  • Technical terminology
  • Content vs filler words
  • Clear powerpoint slides
  • Job Interview preparation
  • Business letters & e-mail
  • Media Interview preparation
  • Investor meeting preparation
  • Crisis management rehearsal
  • Employee town-hall rehearsal
  • Common sayings and phrases
  • Business journal article writing


Business English training is available in person close to Munich either at your office or at mine, in Gelting, close to Geretsried. With Skype, and other video call technologies, I am also pleased to offer business English training across Germany and internationally. Training is available on a one-to-one basis, or in small groups. Focus is on the spoken language, presentations and impactful communication. A basic level of English is required as a foundation. Contact me now to discuss a Business English training programme that will suit you.


German to English Translation

Translation of written text from German to English is also possible. For example, business presentations, pitch documents, standard letters, web content, CV, journal articles and conference papers. I am happy to work from a German original text, or to proof read and refine a document that has already been partially translated into English. Complete conversion of German language web sites for English speaking markets is also within scope.

Integration coaching

With more than 10 years living and working here in Munich and more than 20 working and studying in England, I have come to appreciate some of the cultural differences in these two working and living styles. Integration coaching for new arrivals from all parts of the world to Munich is a specialist topic that I am able to offer. Get in touch and we can discuss how this can work for you.





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