Why consult with sbh4 GmbH to develop your business?

Very simple, because you either need some fresh ideas or you want to test your existing plans with an objective second opinion. My goal is to give you the maximum value in the minimum time.


As a business consultant coming from an operational background, I offer very practical and pragmatic consulting. My approach is 'down-to-earth', I try to use a jargon-free vocabulary and avoid process heavy methodologies.  The scope, budget and timescale of each engagement is customised to your requirements.


Examples of consulting engagements...


Consulting is available in person close to Munich either at your office, or at mine, in Gelting, close to Geretsried. I am also pleased to offer consulting services across Germany and worldwide using e-mail, telephone and Skype.



Consulting case study 1 - Industrial Gases Industry Expert


With a career spanning 27 years in the Industrial Gases business, working for BOC and Linde, I have an intimate knowledge of this industry. I was active in all major business areas: tonnage pipeline supply, bulk process gases and packaged cylinder gases. Over that time, I spent 15 years in global strategic leadership roles and was heavily involved in acquiring and integrating business from Air Products, Airgas, AGA, Gaspro, Matheson, Praxair and Spectra Gases. I have also worked closely with Air Liquide joint venture companies. So, I have an insight into almost every major industrial gases company operating in the global arena today. For 18 years I was involved in Specialty Gases commercial, business and supply chain roles at a national, regional and global level. In the Specialty Gases product group, my expertise is probably unparalleled in terms of breadth and depth of exposure. Many of my insights have been published in a diverse range of business and industry journals worldwide.  I find this industry fascinating and I would love to share my enthusiasm for this sector with you. Please get in touch and we can discuss how I might consult for you on this dynamic topic.


Consulting case study 2 - the difference between a leader and manager

The difference between a leader and a manager. Agile Leadership 4.0

What is the difference between a leader and a manager? Well, put simply leaders lead people, managers manage things. Leadership differs from power and hierarchy and, as such, can be offered from any point in the organisation. When a leader speaks they engage our sense of purpose and meaning. They touch us emotionally. Followership is a key element of leadership. Recognising and setting boundaries, observing trends and acting on them. Being sensitive to the environment and influencing people. Leaders listen to build trust and talk to motivate action. Identifying your high potential team members and developing them to become recognised leaders would be a typical organisational diagnostics and transformation consulting engagement.


Consulting case study 3 - Agile in Business... beyond software


Agile principles in business. Servant leadership, Scrum, coaching and the Agile manifesto.

For many years, I have passionately applied Agile principles to business in areas beyond software development. With the positive experiences that I have had, I am convinced that Agile principles are transferrable to many knowledge-based industries (eg financial services or engineering design) and to knowledge-based processes (eg product innovation or R&D) within any industry sector. As manufacturing becomes more automated, the knowledge-based industries and knowledge-based functions within manufactuirng stand out as those with a growing high demand for talented people. So, the importance of leadership in these sectors will continue to be paramount and I see this as the purpose and meaning behind Leadership 4.0. Consult with sbh4 GmbH to apply Leadership 4.0 and Agile principles in your business and your life.


Flexibility to transition between business services

If you are confident that the best ideas already exist in your own mind, or in the people close to you, then coaching to convert that potential to profitable action might be appropriate. Coaching may also be suitable after an initial consulting engagement to ensure sustainable implementation.




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Consulting - Develop your business with sbh4


The difference between a leader and a manager. Agile Leadership 4.0


Agile principles in business. Servant leadership, Scrum, coaching and the Agile manifesto.

Leadership 4.0

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Consulting - Develop your business with sbh4
The difference between a leader and a manager. Agile Leadership 4.0
Agile principles in business. Servant leadership, Scrum, coaching and the Agile manifesto.