Interim management

Where does consulting become interim management?

Interim management is an option when there is a longer term enagement required, for example more than 50% of a week for more than 10 weeks. Often there will be direct involvement in project execution or day to day management activities. You simply need an extra pair of hands for a period of time to get more things done. Here are some example engagements where my skills might align to your project or ongoing management requirements...



Five frogs on a log

Perhaps you have heard the riddle about "five frogs on a log"...


There are five frogs sitting on a log. One decides to jump. How many frogs are left on the log?


And the answer? Well, you might yourself jump to the conclusion that it must be four. I say otherwise: there are still five. Why? Because deciding and doing are two very different things. Thoughts and actions are not always the same.


Why is this riddle relevant to interim manangement? Well, if a key member of your executive leadership team, a pivotal manager or a key project team member really does "jump", you might need to fill their place immediately. And I might have the appropriate skills to take the right actions to keep your business running successfully until you are able to find a full time replacement.


As an interim manager, I can offer my services close to Munich at your business location. I can also work from my office in Gelting, south of Munich.  Please contact me to discuss my availability for an interim management engagement.



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Interim management
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Interim management