sbh4 is an independent advisory firm focused on decarbonisation and defossilisation through e-fuels, e-fertilizers, biofuels, SAF, CCUS, GHG emissions reduction, and the emerging hydrogen economy.


We provide ‘net-zero’ advisory services related to strategy, technology, and project development. The scope, budget and timescale of each engagement is customised to your requirements. Much of our work is performing technical, operational and strategic due diligence on behalf of investors. These engagements are generally on fixed timelines and with clearly defined deliverables.


We also take long-term ‘operating partner’ engagements in support of operating companies seeking to decarbonise, startups looking to grow and project developers who are keen to prepare the most investable clean energy projects with the best returns. In these cases, the nature of our support can evolve flexibly through the engagement.



Beyond climate-tech, clean energy projects, and the pursuit of net-zero operations, our consulting services are offered in the areas of industrial gases, gas analysis and gas detection.


Our mission at sbh4 is to find the right solution to the problem. In our goal of supporting planetary health, we are open to recommending the most appropriate technology. Electrification will have a major role to play, and we have expertise with plasma for high temperature heat and high temperature industrial heat pumps. Solid, liquid, and gaseous biofuels will be important, and our projects have exposed us to these renewable energy vectors. Waste to energy and waste to fuels is also a valid pathway that we have experience in. CCUS and hydrogen will also play major roles – these gases are core to our expertise. Beyond hydrogen, hydrogen derivatives such as green ammonia and e-fuels through the PtL technologies are also within our scope and we have taken multiple consulting engagements in these areas.



In the hydrogen domain, our expertise stretches the full value chain from upstream production of grey, blue, turquoise, and green hydrogen though midstream storage and distribution of hydrogen to industrial applications in refining, steel making and mobility.


For CCUS, we focus on carbon dioxide capture from power generation and heavy industry, for example cement making, ammonia, methanol, and the energy sector. We are also expert in the areas of CO2 purification, compression, liquefaction, distribution, and utilisation for e-fuels production and other applications.



Additional pillars of decarbonisation where we advise are biofuels, renewable power generation, sustainable energy, and the electrification of industrial processes to avoid fossil fuel combustion.


The founder of sbh4 is Stephen B. Harrison. His exposure to hydrogen, CO2 and other gases extends over more than 30 years. Of those, 16 were with BOC Gases in the UK and The BOC Group internationally. He also worked as a senior global executive for Linde Gas in Munich for 10 years.


Through Stephen’s involvement in industrial gases, he has a deep exposure to a diverse range of products, including hydrogen, carbon dioxide, air gases and helium. Medical gases, fuel gases, welding gases, beverage dispense gases, specialty gases and refrigerant F-gases were also in his business portfolios at BOC and Linde for many years. Equipment, such as two product ranges of PEM electrolysers for hydrogen production, high purity gas control equipment and gas cylinders of all sizes and types were integral to the businesses that he led.


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Since 2017, Stephen has been running the consulting, coaching, communications and climate-tech advisory services at sbh4.


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Stephen B. Harrison – Leadership 4.0, Business Coach, Industrial Gases Industry expert & managing director at sbh4 GmbH

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Stephen B. Harrison – Leadership 4.0, Business Coach, Industrial Gases Industry expert & managing director at sbh4 GmbH